Friday, August 14, 2009

Its been a while...

After Hiking a while we found this. I wanted a picture with it :) At the beach...I was afraid of the sun hahah

Paige, Julia, Me in front of Grean tea
This was the view at the beginning of our hike.
Julia, Ria, Me, Paige..taken by a very nice Korean. these pictures were taken with a disposable camera. My camera broke the day before we left, so i had to buy one while I was there. The Four of us in the last picture took a trip for our summer vacation. It was only a couple days but we visited the Boseong Green Tea Plantation. We ate not only delicious, fresh green tea ice cream, but also Grean tea Beemanbap(a bowl of rice, meat, green tea powder, vegetables and hot sauce) and Green Tea Ramen(called Ramyeon had green tea noodles and green tea spices...very tasty). We also explored Yulpo beach while there(about a 15 minute bus ride from Boseong). The beach was really big but the ocean(after walking about 20 ft. out) was still only up to my knees! It was very shallow. I later found out it was because that beach goes out very far and it is one of those sudden drop off kind of beaches. I just never found the drop (probably a good thing haha).
In the past month I have lost a coworker(she is back in the states now and we miss her alot), Moved apartments, and helped with my local church's VBS(English VBS in was interesting).
My new apartment is HUGE! Most single apartments are like a bed, small fridge, toaster oven, closet and two burner gas stove with no oven. Mine, however, used to belong to my boss' parents so it is huge. It is on the third floor(they moved to the first because of age) and has a balcony, two full rooms, and an OVEN! This may not seem so exciting to those of you in the states, but here having an oven is unheard of(unless it is a toaster oven). We are already planning holiday parties here...haha.
Anywho. My new camera should be arriving soon. I bought it offline...and it only shipped to the US so it is being shipped to me by my parents. I am very excited. My new endevor is to find a computer that is a deal as good as that was.
In other news. I bought a bike. I big old big that weighs more than some of the kids in my hagwan...or at least it feels like it...haha. As part of getting it so cheap it already has something broken(I have owned it for less than two weeks). I am taking the plunge to fix it tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. Im off to bed to prepare for fixing a bike I know nothing about...haha. This should be interesting. At least im just taking off an added pointless part and not doing anything major.. YAY for adventures. :)

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