Sunday, March 29, 2009


It is so wierd to think that in just a few short weeks I will be traveling to South Korea to live for an entire year. It is kind of surreal right now. I almost don't want to believe it until I am actually there and unpacked. I think the scariest thing is the actually flights...not the part in the plane but the airports...I will be switching planes a few times and am afraid I will get lost in the airport! hahah, I know its silly...but I have to worry about something....well something other than my Korean.

This weekend I sang in one wedding and attended a shower for two others. I have to say teh wedding was beautiful. Sarah looked great and Jeremy looked so happy he was about to bust. At the showers, well at times it was akward but overalll it was really nice. The girls putting it together did a great job and those of us who attended had a great time. IT was great to see everyone this weekend...especially since I wont get the chance to see them all at Homecoming in the fall! I love all my family, friends, and DOP girls so much! I will miss all of you while I'm out of the country.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So it is official...In late May/early June...I will be leaving to teach in South Korea for 1 least. If I like it I may stay longer. :) I do have some reservations...but who wouldn't when leaving the country for a year...

I worked my last day at Hallmark and am now terrified as to what I am going to do for the Next three months while trying to pay rent/bills/insurance.....its rough realizing that your money is going to be even tighter....this means no eating out, no extravegant meals....mainly eating pasta, rice, bread, cereal, and potatos....When your poor-meat loses its appeal.

Heres to hoping for a new part time job that will pay more than Hallmark did.