Friday, April 10, 2009

Home sweet Home Part 1

Well, It is friday afternoon and I am sitting in my sisters Medical office BORED! I met Holly's new Boyfriend and two of his three sons last night. They are great. The middle one is hilarious!

I had to get blood drawn today and While I normally have a little problem getting it out...I have never had as much problem as I did today. I was stuck in both arms and my right hand before we finally got one vial of blood out of my left WRIST! Talk about painful. I thought it was the worst.....until.... Holly's head Dr.(Dr. Patel) decided my wrist wasn't pumping fast enough and took blood out of my foot!. Well actually more of my ankle than my foot, but still. I have a huge bruise forming on my foot and the tiny little vein that was swollen. I didn't even know veins could swell like that..but alas after four sticks of needles...I finally gave blood out of my foot. Hopefully by monday I will be reassured that I am still not yet a diabetic and all my other stuff is fine too. Or maybe I will have some clarity on why I can't seem to lose weight(no comment

anyway....Happy easter/passover

Monday, April 6, 2009

It all happens so quickly

It seems like just last week I was signing up to teach in by the end of the week I should be shipping of my visa application to the Korean Embassy in DC. I am nervous and so ready to just hop on the planes and head on over. I am ready to begin this new chapter in my life. All those I love know how hard it is for me to leave them, but at least they all understand it is something I have dreamed of doing my entire life. This will give me an opportunity to travel the world, just as I have always wanted to. If I can just make through the next couple of weeks...I will be fine. Until I leave...there will be no eating out, going to movies, or even shopping for me. I have to save Every Penny I have so that I can pay for my plane ticket. Everyone say little prayers that I will be there soon! I am ready to make a difference in the lives of korean students waiting to learn the English language!