Monday, February 16, 2009


Within the next 7 days I will have completed at least two interviews, worked 4 days in the school system, seen steves art, visited with family, and turned 23. Its wierd that after so many months of hoping and praying to get interviews and finally find a teaching job, it is finally starting to come closer to happening.

Interview 1: I am interviewing to teach english to people in Korea. I think it would be a great experience that would allow me to learn more about another culture, indulge my wish to travel abroad, and give me tools to use in my own classroom. I am also hoping that If I get this job I will be able to save enough money to comfortable pay my student loans back and not have to pay rent....that is a big plus! The only downside I have is that I wouldn't be able to be around my family which I could deal with...except I would miss my sister more than anything.

Interview 2: Fairfax County Schools are amazing. They pay well, the students are well-behaved, and its in the United States. These are all pluses to the place. My big fear about this one is that they will think I am nothing but a big hick with a horrible accent. I try my best to sound better, but I say one thing that gives me away everytime. "These ones" I say it all the time....and yet everytime I think about its meaning....i think it sounds very ignorant and hillbilly. I am afraid I will not be able to change my entire accent in a few days so Hopefully my charm and wit will win them over....... :(

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Time

This is my first try at this, heres hoping it goes well.

I am currently a little scared. I am almost 23 and still haven't found a permanent job. I am looking and putting in multiple applications and even have a pretty important interview in a couple weeks. Yet, I am still terrified. What if may comes and I still don't have a teaching job(I am certified in Vocal/Choral music preK-12 if you know of any positions)? I guess I will do what I should have done this year and move back home to live rent free and hold two jobs so I can pay things off. It is hard living on so little a month. Yet employers don't care as long as you don't cost them too much money.

Some nights I just cry because I know that the next week I will be living off potatoes and bread because of such low paychecks. No one really understands how it feels to be in this position. Everyone here has parents that can afford to support them, mine are so poor they can barely feed themselves because of my Brother and his wife. Here's hoping to a better time coming. Hopefully I will find a good job, cheap living and keep only the necessities. Keeping my fingers crossed.