Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, so today I realized something. I haven't really explained anything about the culture in Korea. So here goes.
Imagine Pop culture up a couple notches. Everything here is Cute...even the boys wear cutesy clothes. Couples outfits are very popular(they even sell couples underwear so everything can match). Everyone holds hands; child-parent(up to and past age 18), friends(guy and girl), sisters, brothers,grandparents-grandchildren...everyone! Also this is something I find very odd. Everyone wears sandals...but with socks! and usually Character socks (again something cutesy is preferable). Women even wear socks with their High Heels. I think it is crazy, but it is perfectly fine here. Also, I have never seen so much leg. Women here will wear booty shorts and skirts but wouldn't dare show their shoulders or even the tiniest bit of cleavage. As a foreigner I get stared at everywhere I go. I am also the only person here to continuously be "petted." Older women will come up to me and rub my arms and hands like I'm not real and then say something in korean that I dont understand. I can usually pick up that they are saying something about my paleness, but really its kind of annoying. My favorite thing is when they try to take pictures of you with their cell phones and think you can't tell. Its awesome. A couple friends and I always make sure to act really dumb so they have something fun to take a picture of. HAHAH.

That is just a little bit about korean culture. Really, just the things to look out for if you visit. I hope you enjoyed it.

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