Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye Daegu

Well. It has been a year since I started this journey and the time has come to end it. I am sad to leave Daegu. I have grown into a new person here and removed some of the sin that stained my life so terribly before. I have found a new love for God that I didn't know existed and am excited to start this next journey in life with him. While I am looking around for jobs I am focused on one particular place, ALaska. Anchorage to be exact. I feel pulled to go there. I have many issues with being alone(mainly that I don't like it and will put it off as often asI can) but my pastor reminded me yesterday that solitude is an important part of spending time with God. Its hard to have alone time with God if you are never alone. I look at how I spend my time with God, completely differently now. Before it was something i was supposed to do but never did, now its something I want to do but have a hard time fitting it in. Luckily I will have about 21 hours to find some alone time with him in the midst of many other people running around to get on planes and to their destinations.

All in all, coming to Korea has changed my life. Not only is it a beautiful country with very friendly people, it is a place to discover the kind of person you want to be without the influence of others. Thank God for bringing me here and saving me from myself! Soon I will see most of you in the Eastern USA.

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  1. So glad that God brought you to Daegu, and that I got to be part of your life. You are a lovely person. = ) Call me if you ever want to talk when you are back in the States.

    Love ya,