Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time flies.....

WOW. I can't believe its Almost Valentines day. I will be leaving Korea in less than three months. IT seems crazy that my year is almost finished. Im happy to see my friends and family back home, but will be so sad to leave the people I have grown to love here. There will be soo many new things for me when I go back home. Holly will have a baby(hopefully she will have her in the next couple of days) I will be smaller, Mitch willl be home, and my nieces will all be a year older. Its hard to imagine going back to things that have always been after I have become a better version of myself. It will be hard to find my place again. Hopefully by the time I return, there will be a job waiting for me....Somewhere....(keep your fingers crossed for Alaska).

In other news, This weekend I will be going to Seoul with Paige and her parents(they have come to visit for a week). This weekend also happens to be Seollul(Lunar New Year) so a lot of things will be closed but we may be able to go to some fun folk villages and watch traditional dances, hear traditional music, and eat rice cake soup(its not as bad as it sounds, I promise) I will be taking a lot of pictures though and am now promising to post them on here and on facebook.

Well, im off to another day of teaching students english and practicing my daily use of Korean(which I am still terrible with).


  1. Hey when you get back to the states, let me know if you have a cell phone, and what the number is. Then we can talk if you want to about job hunting, and transition back to America. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Korea lovely lady. = )